My Holiday Bucketlist : I am so Happy

Selasa, Februari 18, 2014
*Holiday Bucketlist *

Yeah, I've got my holiday from my office. 10’s more than enough for me to release my stres and get relax than back to my job with fresh ideas. And now it's time to create my holiday bucket list in Indonesia's rainy season.

1. Go to the Taman Safari II zoo as my favorite place. I love animals.It will take only 1 hour to get there from my town by car. Many shows will be held in the weekend and I will enjoy it. Yihayyy, I am not patient to be there. Upps, it’s rainy season, remind me to bring umbrella, rain coat, also camera

2.  I have planned to Bali 6 months ago. I have prepared about the flight from my town also my hotel, and it’s time to go Bali now. Go to Bali for 4 days. Enjoy the beautiful and well known beach, relax my body with spa. Also enjoy the Bali’s food for example nasi babi guling, nasi lawar, sate lilit, etc.

3. Try some new culinary in my town, Surabaya. So many new restaurants that have not been tried, start from local foods like iga penyet until international food such as korean food and Italian food which are so yummy

4. Bake some cute cookies as my cooking's hobby. Planning to bake many kinds of animal cookies. Huff... before that, I will prepare my oven first which has not long wear.

5. Try to make colorful umbrellas to hone my creativity and then sell it online. I want to paint the umbrellas

6.  Finish reading my novels. That’s so many novels I bought..and it’s time to read them

7.  And...lastly, don't forget to write my holiday's story in my diary also blog. It will be so interesting and memorable. This experience is so pretty

To complete and enjoy my holiday, then my outfit have to comfortable too. I am trendy person, chic, and simple, and ZOCKO in  is my favorite outfit. 

Kikkerland, the mini samurai umbrella

unique, strong, and in black color... so love it

Wildfox verona Cat Gypsy Hoodie

so cool and trendy, suitable for me :p

Mini Overall

playful and chic.. so cute :D

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